Thursday, October 27, 2011

In Kind Donation from BLISSMO!

GREAT NEWS! Blissmo has made a recent donation of 6 "Blissmo Boxes" to Äqua Angels NGO which we are sharing with a tornado victim in Cullman, Alabama.

NOTE: If you would like to make a direct donation to the Spears Family of ANY item on their wish list or a monetary donation, please send ALL donations to them at:

Kitty Spears
291 County Road 1469
Cullman, Alabama
35058  USA

How Blissmo works: The Blissmo team works to cut through the “green washing” out there and find exceptional products that are either certified as organic or eco-friendly, or that have a people and planet positive approach in the DNA of the business. They then introduce these products to you with discounts of up to 70% via email, or in a curated monthly box. They buy products that are better and safer for our bodies, our families, our communities and our planet. 

Check them out and try a Blissmo Box for yourself  or as a gift for someone! Just follow this link:

Here are views of what was inside their boxes:

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Alabama Tornado Victim Relief

Äqua Angels NGO founder Betty Jo Ewing is presently in Alabama assisting the City of Cullman, AL to rebuild from the F5 (175-200mph) tornado disaster last April which flattened over four city blocks in the historical district. She has spoken to their City Councilman Garlan Gudger , The Economic Development Office rep Jamie Troutman, the Cullman Citizen Group Director Mel Brackman and owner of Cullman's oldest cafe (est 1919) The Busy Bee Cafe (Mrs. Kitty Spears), whom she is personally assisting to find in-kind restaurant equipment donations to get her cafe up and running once again.

If you would like a copy of Mrs. Spears "Wish List" or want to send her a donation of ANY SIZE OR ITEM NEEDED, please contact me at  100% of ALL in-kind and monetary donations we receive will be given directly to the victims. Equipment needed range from small kitchen cooking tools to large freezers, ovens and cafe furniture (see list below). We are also URGENTLY seeking a loaner cook truck temporarily for Kitty and her son to use while her cafe is being rebuilt to bring in income. We all know that FEMA takes months to reimburse victims. Kitty said it would also give the citizens of Cullman renewed hope to see their beloved Busy Bee (a favorite meeting place for decades) rebuilt once again. PLEASE HELP THESE DEVASTATED PEOPLE get back on their feet right away. Hand in hand we can help this small city rebuild quickly one business at a time!

To see an update from Cullman:

The Busy Bee Cafe's colors are Black & Yellow. Here is the cafe "Wish List" of which donations may be mailed to The Spears family directly at:

Kitty Spears
291 County Road 1469
Cullman, Alabama
35058 USA

PLEASE NOTE: The Spears family would LOVE a cook truck to use temporarily until they get their beloved "Busy Bee Cafe" rebuilt. This would afford them a way to get back on their feet while also giving their town their favorite cafe back. If you know of ANY cook trucks which are already outfitted which they could use, please contact me (Betty Ewing) at either my email or by ph at (916) 539-7559. Thank you for your time and consideration for this devastated family.
(1) 3 Door Refridgerator
(1) 3 Door Freezer
(1) 72" Under Counter Refridgerator
(1)  48"Work Top Freezer
(1) Countertop Refridgerator Diplay Case 48"
(1) 24"Grill 4 eye burner/oven combo (gas)
(1) 24" Lava Grill
(2) 35lb. Gas Fryers
(1) 3 Drawer Warmer
(1) Flake Ice Machine (422 production, 143 lb Storage)
6 Ft. 3 compartment ink w/Drain Board
(1) Dish Washer w/Booster Heater (Single phase)
(1) Employee's Hand Sink
(1) 48" x 30" S/S Table
(2) 60" x 30" S/S Tables
(1) 84" x 30" S/S Table
(5) Double Style S/S 50 V Style (Black with Yellow Y)
Single (4) Oldie 50's Style, V Style (Black with Yellow V Booths)
(2) Corner Style Booths
7 Tables
2 Corner Style Tables
(4) 30" Square Tables w/base
(4) 36" Round Tables w/base
24 Padded Black Chairs
20 Bolt Down Retro 24" Fountain Stools (10 in Black and 10 in yellow)
4 Patio Tables w/chairs
1 Moving Message LED Sign
Lighted OPEN Sign
Daily Special Standing Sign
Tabletop supplies (Salt/Pepper Shakers;  Sugar jars/ Napkins)

Service for 80 of:
 10 1/2" Melamine Plates
  7 1/2" Plates
  Soup Bowls
  Salad Bowls
  Drinkware (12 oz and 24 oz glasses)
  Coffee Cups

12 x 9 Platters
S/S Utility Cart
(2) Indoor Insect Fly Control Units
(3) Bathroom Soap Dispensers
(2) Toilet Paper Dispensers
(3) Paper Towel Dispensers
(2) Microwave Ovens
(2) Bulb Heat Lamps
10 Qt. Soup Kettle Cooker
Conveyor Toaster (Space Saver Size)
Assored Pots (8 Qt, 10 Qt, 14 Qt)
(3) 7" Frying Pans
(2) 10" Frying Pans
Egg Slicer
12 Qt Colander
(2) Roasting Pans
(8) Sheet Pans 13 x 18" & Sheet Pan Covers
Filter Cones Rack
8 cut Pie Slicer
3" Pastry Brush
Round Pastry Cutter/cookie/bisquits
24 oz Plastic Scoop
38 oz Scoop Aluminum
9" x 12" Oblong Cake Pan
Round Cake Pans (9" x 1 1/2")
Assorted Spatulas & Scrapers
(6) 3 1/2" blade Sandwich Spreaders
(2) 4" Pancake Turners
Measuring Cups
S/S Assorted Sizes (2/4/6/8 Qt)
Mixing Spoons
Can Openers
Fry Scoop Bagger (Right Hand)
(2) Anti Fatigue Rubber Matts 3'x 5'
Oven Mitts
(2) Timers
Pot Holders
Check Spindle
Check Holder 18" Slide
Grill Scraper
Pail Opener
(2) Steak Weights
Call Bell (Order Up)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Donations by Authors to flood victims

Äqua Angels NGO wishes to acknowledge and thank the generous donations from Miss Latifa Boti of Kuwait and Dr. Eman Bikai of Lebanon for the Pakistan Flood Victims of over 200 original childrens books which each donated. These authors are represented by Opinionated Film LLC of Las Vegas, Nevada USA. Thanks ladies for your unconditional love and kindness for the children who are affected by the flood.  (Please see older posts by clicking on the link below marked OLDER POSTS)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sureaqua responds to the Pakistan Flood Victims!

Would you like to provide clean safer water to a child in Pakistan? Make a donation of a SureAquaBottle.
SureAquaCorp and SOS Pakistan Feed the Children - are combining efforts to raise awareness and make it easy for you to get involved and make a difference.
The SureAquaBottle, as purchased by AusAid for Pakistan, will give a child safe drinking water for up to 18 months. Make a difference to save a child’s life in Pakistan. All SureAquaBottle’s purchased via this link; will be sent directly to SOS Pakistan Feed the Children for distribution.
For every 3 bottles purchased, SureAquaCorp will donate another SureAquaBottle.
Thank you, in advance, for your involvement.
Kind regards,
SureAqua Team & SOS Pakistan Feed the Children

Friday, October 1, 2010

Relief Efforts for Pakistan Flood victims

The Pakistan Flood Relief Efforts being Assisted by The Center For Peace And Human Rights, under the direction of Mr. Muhammad Ali Tariq (seen seated above wearing the face mask). He has sent the following request to Äqua Angels NGO for people wishing to donate to their reflief effort. His contact info follows at the end of his letter.
The worst flood in Pakistan's history.

An estimated 17.2 million persons affected, of whom an estimated eight million in need of humanitarian aid.

An area of at least 160,000 km2 (larger than England) ravaged by floods; over 3.2 million hectares of crops lost.

Over 1.2 million homes destroyed or damaged; an estimated 4.8 million people currently without shelter accordind to the United Nations.

On 16th August, 2010, the Center for Peace & Human Rights distributed food items for155 families in Banda Mulla Khan Tehsil Pabbi District Nowshera.

Those who want to contribute to these flood victims, please contact Mr. Ali Tariq via the Center for Peace & Human Rights at: 0092-333-5125225. Your contribution will make a huge difference for this noble international humanitarian cause.
1 Hand pump costs $ 142 USD

Muhammad Ali Tariq
Executive Director
Centre for Peace & Human Rights
Rawapindi & Islamabad Pakistan
A/C Number 05-36-00-00-03391
Albaraka Islamic Bank Mall Road
Swift Code: AIINPKAA
Tel No: (92-51) 4347204 Cell. 0092-333-5125225
Fax No: (92-51) 2102079 &

Our Affiliates

Below is a list of our affiliates who we are working with to bring their quality products to people in need globally:

Proctor & Gamble PUR Children's Safe Drinking Water (Water purification sachets)

Byggakuten Norden AB (Green Construction/Sustainable Portable Compost & low Flush Toilets)  (Used in Haiti Relief)

Sureaqua (Water filtration straws and bottles)  (Used in Haiti Relief) 

Nourish The Children (Feeding Initiative) Malawi, Africa/ SE Asia Tsunami Relief/Hurricane Katrina Relief/China snow emergency response, Haiti Disaster Relief, and many more over 19 countries and hundreds of millions of meals) (Vitameal Bags)

More to come...stay tuned!

The Center for Peace and Human Rights Pakistan (

ÄQUA ANGELS NGO was recently appointed as the Senior Consulting Agency to the Center for Peace and Human Rights in Pakistan under the direction of Mr. Muhammad Ali Tariq to aid the 20 million flood victims. These families have lost EVERYTHING. If you wish to make a donation of: water filters, water pumps, bottled water, or any other basic human necessities, please contact us for further information. We can be reached at:

Skype: Aqua.angels.wings
PH:  1-877-887-3279

Our team:

Miss Betty Ewing, Manager/Founder Äqua Angels NGO
Miss Ewing completed her B.A. Degree with honors in foreign language and fine art from California State University, Sacramento and received her Commercial Design Certification from the University of California, Davis. She is the recipient of numerous awards including: The Luella M Goff Fellowship, The Bank of America Rising Star Award, The Lamp Lighter Award, The Governor's Scholar Award, Selena Ottum Nomination, Palo Alto Entrepreneur of the Month and others. Her work has included: interpreter /translator for Pacific Bell Telephone, CEO of Bookmark Publications, Inc. (multilingual math and science supplementals), Member of President George H. W. Bush's "Imagination Team" for education; Owner of  Bookmark Productions Inc.(event production and music booking agency), as well as partner and President of a music label and film production company in Los Angeles, CA. She has been a donor for many causes as well as worked for various non profits throughout the years as a fund raiser via benefir concerts, event planner and booking agent for clients such as:  The City of San Ramon, The City of San Jose, The Jewish Bulletin of San Francisco, Mi Familia of Palo Alto, The African Hall of Fame for Film and Music Johannesburg, SA, The Marriott Foundation, and others.

Her goal in founding Äqua Angels NGO is to provide humanitarian relief to people in need of primarily clean water and sanitation in developing countries as well as people affected by natural disasters. ( )

M. Ziad Moudarres (U.N. Consultant - United Kingdom)
Mr. Moudarres worked as a security specialist / consultant for the United Nations. He is an advisor to the team for Africa and the Middle East.

Allison Porch (Northern California, USA) R&D
Miss Porch has a B.A. Degree from CSUS (CA State Univeristy, Sacramento) in Economics/Finance and has applied her knowledge and skills to aid and assist non profits, universities and the private sector. Her volunteer work spans 25 years of giving freely of her personal time, as well as personal monetary donations for such 501(c) 3 organizations as: Circle K, Kiwana Club International, World Vision, The Father's House, Nourish The Children Initiative just to name a few. Her role with Äqua Angels NGO is to utilize her creative talent in Research & Development as well as Exploration.

Joseph Horta Rodriguez (USA / Senegal, Africa)
Mr. Rodriguez hails from Senegal and currently resides in Northern California. Fluent in French and English as well as Woloff, Mr. Rodriguez earned an MBA in Business Administration from the University of the Americas in Paris, France. He is a seasoned world traveler and has worked both as an entrepreneur having owned his own African export/import business ,as well as various jobs for other entities. He is our specialist for the Ivory Coast region of Africa.